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What if there's a way to release everything that's limiting you?

What if you can easily let go of your limiting beliefs, patterns & blocks that have held you back in life?

What if you can have freedom of time, money, and choice?

This is an invitation for you to create more space in your life.

Access Bars® is a light-touch system of 32 different bars on the head that when gently touched, releases lifetimes of thoughts, judgments & emotions from the body.

  • Shifts in your body

  • Shifts in your level of awareness

  • Shifts in your level of joy

What else is possible?

What choice are you not making that can possibly change the world around you?

Here's a doctor's study of Access Bars®

Here's a neuroscientist's study of Access Bars®

Access Bars® has the capacity to create:

Best of all it is easy to learn!

What if you give yourself this GIFT OF CHANGE?

Investment is Php 16,000 for this fully certified course. 
You can use and practice this healing modality right after the course.
Please know that the usual rate for 1 Access Bars® session is P3,500-5,500 in Manila.

The fee is Php 8,000 if repeating the class.

The rate is Php 8,000 for 16 to 17 years old.

FREE for kids 15 years old or younger (must be accompanied by a paying adult)

Become an Access Bars® Practitioner!


What Access Bars® Practitioners are saying

Access Bars® changed the limiting energies in my body and in my life.

It accelerated my natural healing capacity.


It also cleared the negative vibrations I absorbed from people and circumstances. 

Mario Daquioag

Cruise Ship Crew

Energy Healer

Access Bars® Practitioner





Karen Navarro is the founder of One Holistic Community. She is a registered occupational therapist in the Philippines and the US with more than 20 years of practice in the field. She is also a certified Access Bars® facilitator & Access
Facelift facilitator™.

Moreover, she is an experiential learning facilitator. She has been designing and facilitating programs and retreats for schools, organizations, and companies for more than 12 years now. Her clients include BARMM, DEPED, Norfil Foundation, TORM Foundation, Cebu Doctors University and Baguio General Hospital, among others.

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