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"COVID pa rin?" (There's still COVID?)

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

"Yoko na Mommy" (I don't like this, Mommy)

"Stop na please" (Can we stop this please?)

I saw this post on the Facebook wall of a friend. Can't help but laugh at it. It's soooooo true. I've been wanting to visit the beach this coming break but we're not allowed to get out of Manila in the next 2 weeks. Heck, we even planned a Holy Week retreat in Tagaytay for OHC- complete with bonfires, classes under the trees (because we miss the outdoors sooooooo much!), and trips to a crystal art shop and an organic farm & restaurant! And we have to cancel that, too. Haay....(deep sigh) How 'bout you? How are you holding up? Please know that your feelings are valid. It's okay if you feel restricted like me. It's okay if you feel tired about this whole situation. It's okay to feel angry too. But, you know what, we won't let the lockdown stop us. So, we will continue with our retreat- online. All the more that we need to help each other stay calm at this time. We'll have a youth retreat for ages 18-24 years old this April 1-2, Thursday to Friday. Daily sessions will be at 10am-12nn and 4pm-6pm. You can enroll your kids or relatives here: Or you can join our retreat for 25 years old and up this April 3-4, Saturday to Sunday. Daily sessions will be at 10am-12nn and 4pm-6pm. You can enroll here:

This experiential retreat will guide you in:

  • defining your core values

  • unmasking your limiting beliefs

  • solidifying your empowering beliefs

  • gaining a deeper understanding and acceptance of your own journey

  • creating practices that can assist you in your continuous growth & healing

This is going to be a very interactive, creative, and experiential retreat. We will have:

  • reflections

  • meditations

  • sharings

  • creative activities

  • energy healing

  • an angel message

Hope to see you at our retreat or you can share this with a friend who might need this.

Stay strong,


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