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Speak your truth

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

I received an email from Sheryl. She wrote:

A year ago, I invited a few friends to join me in a virtual Biodanza session. I did an FB live post doing a sacral dance prior to the session.

A friend blatantly said, “law-ay, way angay” (scandalous, unbecoming).

It was a trigger, so I retreated to the comfort of pain and depression and decided that I am done with sharing my meditation practice. I decided to become the same bullied little girl and dance in the confines of my home but I continued with deepening the practice of meditative dance along with workshops by Fr. Loreto Jaque.

I never really regained the confidence in sharing the practice with people I love so I posted carefully curated still shots of my dance practice instead.

“Sheryl, speak your truth”. Like a lightning bolt, Doc Sara Racal’s words fired the dying engines in my heart.

With a video on meditative dance, I spoke my truth again and with self-love. A few friends asked and now some of them are slowly practicing meditative dance.

We are sensual beings, sacral dance is the language of the untethered primal energy of our bodies. It expresses nothing but the passion and openness for life, free of self-judgment. Dance, is my truth, spoken.

Gratitude to OHC and for Doc Sara for helping me manifest my “being”.

I love how Doc Sarah's words ignited Sheryl's courage to stand in her truth.

That's why we need mentors- to nudge us and remind us of our truth and greatness.

Watch this class and let me know what it brings out in you:

I would love to hear from you!

And, may you always stand in your truth.

Stay brave,


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