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The Philippines’ 1st Sound Healing Festival

February 14, 2021

11:30 am – 5:00 pm



is a one-day ONLINE sound healing festival featuring a local line-up of sound healers and musicians unifying to celebrate the worldwide community's harmony, healing, and humanity. 

This festival aims to: 

  • Celebrate the 9th Annual World Sound Healing Day

    • Held every year on February 14​

  • Gather sound healers in the Philippines 

  • Introduce Filipinos to sound healing as a healing modality

    • Share why and how it works, and how it benefits many ​

  • Celebrate in a sound healing concert


Yeyette San Luis

Sound Healer & Oyayi Sound Healing Founder

Welcome & Opening Remarks

11:45 AM-12:00 NN

Juariza Aparis

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Energy, and Sound Healer

1.15-1.35 PM Gong Sound Healing 

Abe Acala

Harp Maker and Therapist 

2.00-2.25 PM Crystal Bowl

Yeyette San Luis

Sound Healer & Oyayi Sound Healing Founder

2.00-2.25 PM Crystal Bowl

Waway Saway

Artist/Musician & Talaandig Tribe Datu

2.35-3.00 PM Katyapi (Waway Saway)  

Joy Jacinto

Sound Healer & Joy_in3D Founder

3.00-3.15 PM Himalayan Singing Bowls 

Arianne Olegario

Sound Healer 

3.15-3.30 PM Himalayan Singing Bowls 

Kaye Tamayao

Sound Healer, Guided Spreads 

3.30-3.45 PM Himalayan Singing Bowls 

Tonette Asprer

Sound Healer & V432Wellness Founder

4.00-4.20 PM Himalayan Singing Bowls 

Tonette Asprer

Sound Healer & V432Wellness Founder

4.45-5:00 PM Closing

Anna Famorca

Sound Healer 

3.45-4.00 PM Himalayan Singing Bowls 




What do I need for the festival? 

  • A space where you can reflect, dance, sing or lie down for the rest of the afternoon 

  • Headphones or External Speakers, if available 

  • A glass of water if you're joining the ritual 


How is this festival different from the other summits I've attended? 

+ Aside from it being the 1st Sound Healing Festival ever in the Philippines, you will meet various sound healers and experience different sound healing modalities, all in celebration of World Sound Healing Day. 


After the event, how can I be supported in my personal growth and healing? 

+ We will continue to provide support through our LIVE weekly programs, and we can connect via our private Facebook group: TAGINTING


Will attending the event guarantee that I will be calmer and stronger? 

+ Our Sound Healers have the highest and best intentions of bringing healing and alignment to all participants. It's your responsibility to continue the practice, so it works for you. 

Why do I need to get a VIP or Premium pass?

+ Aside from attending the live session, you will receive a copy of the Serenity Sound Healing album of Yeyette San Luis for VIP pass and a LIVE Sound Healing class with Tonette Asprer for Premium pass. 


I have work during these time slots, but I want to attend. How can we work around this challenge? 

+ We will give you 24-hour access to the replay of the festival.









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OYAYI SOUND HEALING provides gentle, soothing, and relaxing music to tired bodies and souls. It is a space to unwind, relax, rejuvenate and feel empowered through the healing vibrations of the crystal bowls, healing voice, and other healing instruments. You may follow us at our FB page Oyayi Sound Healing and IG soundhealer.yeyette.

V432 Wellness is a group of individuals dedicated to creating a safe space for you to rediscover relaxation, alignment, empowerment, healing, and self-awareness through mindfulness practices. You can follow V432Wellness thru FB, IG, and YouTube.

Online Healing Community started as an initiative to help people stay calm and spread calm following the lockdown in Manila on March 15, 2020. We have evolved into a school for personal growth and healing. We provide classes and workshops for personal growth and healing for individuals, groups, organizations, and companies. We also created Kaya Natin ‘To Festival, a mind-body-spirit festival featuring 32 speakers & facilitators from different fields. 


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