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Your Journey With Angels


Angel reading will offer you encouragement, blessings, guidance, healing, and positive affirmations.

The cards usually reflect what is going on in your life, including things that you are still trying to accept.

However, nothing is set in stone, and the future is something you create yourself.

This session is perfect for you if you:

  • Need guidance

  • Feel down

  • Need clarity

  • Have always been curious about angels, and want to learn more


What Ayyi's clients are saying?

"It was my first time to have an angel reading and I was very nervous but Miss Ayyi was very warm and welcoming that I immediately felt comfortable around her. She was also pleasant to converse with and was patient with me and my queries. I'm very grateful for the session because the reading was very enlightening for me.”

~ Maan



Ayyi Gardiola is a Humanitarian-Development Professional, Cultural Creative, Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yoga Practitioner, Angel Reader, & Access Bars Practitioner

Ayyi is a meditation practitioner for three decades, a development professional, training organizer and facilitator for fifteen years, an angel intuitive for eight years, and an energy healer for seven years.

Her mission is to help facilitate the healing of consciousness through energy awareness and creative arts for a more compassionate world.

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